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Homeschool Resource Packet

I have had requests from parents to schedule a $50/hr tutoring session with me for themselves!  They request my insight in how to schedule their homeschool day, what curriculum I recommend, how to test their children, and what educational games I recommend.  They emerge an hour later with 2 pages of scribbled notes that cost them $50.  While I still love to meet with parents face to face to convey this information, I am presenting it here for those who would like this information more concisely and affordably. 

I have accumulated this information  over the last 10 years of teaching.  It is by no means comprehensive.  Instead it is a condensed version of my "teacher advice to parents entering the homeschool arena" in written format.  Please do not expect anything more than a sample schedule and a list of recommended curriculum.

- sample daily and weekly schedule
- suggested curriculum across subjects
- suggested testing methods
- suggested "additional resources"

Activty Chart/Strips

Lead students through an activity of discovery comparing elements in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe to the Bible.