K-6 Tutoring

I bring the classroom to you!                    

Never give an unsupervised 11-year-old student a rubber ruler on the playground during free time. 

It doesn't end well.

While student teaching in Orange County, CA a boy I'll call Quincy was playing on his cell phone under his desk...again.  "Quincy, if I have to ask you one more time to put your iPhone away I'm going to be one smartphone richer."  Quincy gave me the "no you won't" look, to which I responded, "Go ahead, call my bluff."

He lifted his index finger indicating that I should wait.

He dialed his iPhone and said, "Yes, hello.  Mrs. A.'s bluff?  I have someone who'd like to speak with you." 

A Teacher walks into a classroom. . .

It is my hope and desire to one day collect all the crazy, erratic, fun, and zany events in the life of one teacher (that would be me) and write them down in a short book for other teachers and parents.  I hope it would serve as a life preserver of sorts on days when you feel more like a zookeeper than a parent or teacher.  But for now, I will begin to collect them here...